Shelley Skin Specialist    


Skin Specialist  


Founder and CEO, Shelley began her mission to beautify the world when, as a six-year-old, she painted her German Shepherd's nails for an upcoming visit to the vet. At 12, her Bonnie Bell lip-gloss necklace changed her life, and she decided to devote herself to the beauty and wellness of others. Starting one face at a time, Shelley worked as a make-up artist for years before becoming a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. “I've always had a passion for makeup,” she explains, simply glowing over the memory of playing with the little lipstick samples collected from her Avon-lady mom.  

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Jill  Skin Specialist


Skin Specialist

I got into skincare in 2002 after a career in travel. I loved waxing immediately…it appeals to my inner Virgo, I find it very orderly. I also found out that I’m a huge baby when it comes to pain, and wanted to learn to wax with as much care as I would want to be waxed with. Technique and quality wax is everything. I also love facials, peels, spray tanning and especially eyelash extensions. I love to make my client's look and feel totally hot! I wanted to work at the best place in the city, and since 2004 I have!


Beth Skin Specialist


Skin Specialist

In 2008 I was given the opportunity to follow a dream and became a licensed Esthetician. My life has always held a fascination and passion for diverse skin, interesting and different makeup, and feeling amazing from the inside out. Immersing myself into the field of waxing and customized facials, I strive to bring happiness to people by giving them the best results through skin care and wellness. It is very important to me to work closely with clients and their skin care needs, achieving desired results, and to continually learn about new skin care techniques. Having been recently certified in reflexology, I am eager to incorporate the balance with the natural joy of caring for your skin.

Tess Skin Tech II


Skin Tech II

I discovered esthetics as a career choice quite unexpectedly. I was on the road to attend a yoga teacher training, when the program was canceled at the last minute, which gave me free time that day to think about what was really important to me: health and wellness. Shortly after that day, during an appointment with my esthetician, I experienced an “a-ha” moment when I had the realization that skin care encompassed the health, beauty and vitality of the body. After 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry I have a passion for client care and service. As an esthetician I can now bridge the gap between health and client care. My favorite saying is “day-maker.” I strive to be a day-maker every day and help others achieve their optimum skin health. My personal day-maker goal is to support and aid my clients in feeling healthy, beautiful and radiant.

Emily  Skin Tech II


Skin Tech II

My fascination with skin care began with my own trials and tribulations at a young age.  After learning more and more about my own skin issues, I discovered just how complex skin health can be.  I was given the opportunity to change career paths after a stint working overseas in the airline industry.  When I returned to the US, I knew that I wanted to continue working in customer service and helping people, and I also wanted to tie in health and wellbeing as a priority in my career.  Now, after getting my Esthetician's license, I am able to help people feel their best and let their most beautiful and healthy skin shine through.  I love to play the detective and really find the source of people's skin issues as well as the best way to treat them.  I am also a life-long learner and want to continuously stay on top of the latest technologies and ingredients in skin care.  I strongly believe that a little relaxation and stress-relief can do wonders for overall health and wellbeing as well.  My goal everyday is to make a strong connection with my clients and focus all my energy on their skincare needs and aspirations. 

Kelly Skin Tech I


Skin Tech I

My love for esthiology started as a little girl, playing with my mom’s makeup and skincare products. Like many teenagers, I suffered from problematic acne. To achieve my mission of having clear, beautiful, and healthy skin, I began getting regular facials and treatments.  Eventually I realized that I wanted to help others achieve and maintain healthy skin in a career as an Esthetician.  I knew that in order to make my dreams come true I needed to complete my esthetics course and I even decided take my education one step further and completed the CIDESCO program. The CIDESCO Diploma is the world's most prestigious qualification in the field of Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy and is recognized in thirty countries. I love learning new techniques, modalities, and trends. My goal is to help my clients not only find their outer beauty but to always realize their inner beauty as well. I also love helping my clients get the smoothest of legs and shapeliest of brows! I am dedicated to arming my clients with their own educated, lifelong approaches to caring for their skin.