We'll tackle the effects of sun on the skin in one of our skin science posts, but a fantastic new venture here at BellaPelle inspired Shelley to let our readers know a little about what really happens when you spend a day in the sun unprotected, and how attending to your health both inside and out can help you fight the damage sunlight does to your skin:


A day without sunscreen

Let’s say that you wake up in the morning, throw some water on your face, wipe it off and walk out the door without protecting your skin with SPF. As you leave the house, your face is clean, but completely unprotected.

Essentially, the first thing that’s going to happen as you leave through your front door is the exposure to UV light from the sun.  Even on a cloudy day, the UV rays are still there: it doesn't have to be sunny outside to get sun damage!  These little rays of light are going to travel into your skin through the the dead upper layers and down into some of the living layers, where they’re going to hit melanin in the dead layers and then be caught and neutralized by the melanin pigment. 

The UV rays that aren't caught by the melanin pigment travel all the way into the deepest layers of your skin and ultimately cause free radical damage to your DNA, changing the way the cells produce certain proteins and preventing them from functioning properly. These cells will either die or become cancerous, possibly causing a tumor. In most cases the damaged cells die eventually. This happens consistently every day,  while you’re walking to Bart, grabbing your lunch and other mundane, everyday activities – continuous exposure to the sun is very similar to a loaf of bread in a low heat oven. It’s already baked but it hasn’t browned yet - but the longer you keep it in the oven the darker it becomes.  You cannot see the damage over a day, however over a lifetime you can see the accumulation of damage.

With sunscreen it’s like putting the bread into the oven for a shorter amount of time. The sunscreen works with the melanin in your skin as an additional barrier against UV rays, decreasing the amount of time that the sensitive deeper layers of your skin are exposed to damage.  Sunscreen is the best way to fight sun damage externally, but you can also fight it internally by eating and drinking foods with anti-oxidants, that protect your cells from free-radical damage from the sun.

Always striving to stay fresh and fun, BellaPelle Skin Studio has teamed up with GreenSurge, a fabulous new organic green smoothie company. GreenSurge has a wide selection of organic seasonal smoothies packed with leafy greens, fruit and veggies. They also offer 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse options. Try a smoothie next time you’re in for a treatment. These healthy smoothies support the skin care products and treatments that you receive at BellaPelle by counteracting the toxins you encounter living in a big city. 

We’ve modeled our services around “city skin” and now we can help support your “city body”, as well. 

These juices would provide the cells with antioxidants to help protect against free-radical damage from the inside.  GreenSurge juices are high in anti-oxidants, which can be used by the body to basically shut down the free radical damage right where it starts. 


 GreenSurge juices are available to buy directly at BellaPelle.

 GreenSurge juices are available to buy directly at BellaPelle.

To commemorate the launch, GreenSurge has a special introductory offer through the month of November for all BellaPelle customers. Get a 10% discount on any green smoothie or cleanse package when you come in for your BellaPelle treatment! 

By feeding your body the right foods you’re laying a good foundation for healthy, beautiful skin which is what BellaPelle stands for.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming Freckle post in which we interview Sergio, the founder of GreenSurge, and find out more about the ideas and science behind healthy juice cleanses.

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