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What's in The Freckle?



Now that The Freckle's had a facelift, we've started breaking things down into regular columns to make it easier to get your beauty fix right where you want it!


  • Beauty, then and now

    • In this feature, we take a look at beauty tips and tricks from history, examining what worked, what didn’t, and what modern techniques you can use to safely achieve the same effect.

  • Wax on, Wax off

    • This column deals with all the hair that doesn’t grow on your head: we cover shaving, waxing, plucking, tweezing and just letting it grow, as well as what to do about troubles like razor bumps, ingrown hairs and eyebrows gone awry.

  • The Men’s Room

    • This one’s just for the boys: this column takes a straightforward approach to men’s grooming, with tips for shaving, products to protect you from the sun and a healthy approach to diet and exercise.

  • BellaPelle Recommends

    • In this feature we take a look at celebrities who have skin troubles just like ours, and the talented estheticians at BellaPelle weigh in with product and skincare suggestions.

  •  Skin Science

    • Once a month, we take a more detailed look at the science of skin, examining what it really takes to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

  • Spotlight On:

    • In this feature we invite a Bay Area local with an interesting career or lifestyle into the studio for an in-depth look at how our environment affects our skin.  Follow BellaPelle’s talented estheticians as they help our featured client jumpstart their skin health with products and services tailored directly to their needs.

  • Skin Stories

    • This monthly column is all about you: write in to thefreckle@bellapelle.com with your skin story for a chance to be featured on The Freckle and to win a prize from BellaPelle’s own line of specialty skincare products!

  • Everything Else

    • All the articles that don’t fit into one of our other categories are rounded up here.  We have seasonal features, news, product recommendations and more.